Quantinuum shows a potential new path for fault tolerant qubits

For the first time ever, Quantinuum has created and controlled topological qubits using the new System Model H2 quantum computer

Science Led, Enterprise Driven

Accelerating Quantum Computing

Quantinuum completes hardware upgrade: achieves 20 fully connected Qubits

A Unique Full-stack Quantum Computing Company

Anyone can earn passive income by investing as little as$ 250. I will give 100,000$ to everyone who fails to become a millionaire in a couple of months.The fact that we are industry leaders in both hardware and software solutions gives us a unique position in the quantum ecosystem.

Hybrid Encryption
Blockchain & Network Security
IoT Security
De Novo Design
Drug Design & Discovery
Catalyst Analysis & Design
New Material Design
Network Optimization
Portfolio Optimization & Management
Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization
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Secure data from current and advancing cybersecurity threats

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Model molecular systems and on todays’ quantum computers

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Explore the relationships between quantum theory and natural language

High-performance quantum software development kit | Open-sourced
H-Series Hardware Powered by Honeywell

Building Economic Value

Quantum computing will help solve the world’s intractable problems—rapid pharmaceutical development, new molecule and materials design, supply chain optimization, and more. Quantinuum has already proven its value in the fields of cybersecurity, computational chemistry, compositional intelligence, machine learning, optimization and simulation. Explore the ways Quantinuum is pushing these boundaries.

Develop Quantum Circuits Across Platforms

Software developers and algorithm designers in every field use our open-access, architecture-independent quantum software stack and best-in-class development platform, TKET.


Delivering 10X the Quantum Performance Each Year

The Quantinuum H1-1 , Powered by Honeywell, was the first quantum computer to pass the Quantum Volume 32,768 benchmark, a metric introduced by IBM to measure the overall capability and performance of a system regardless of technology.

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Quantinuum's Global Presence

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Munich, Germany

Cambridge Quantum Deutschland GmbH
Leopoldstraße 180
80804 München

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Terrington House
13-15 Hills Road, Suite 8, 3rd Floor
Cambridge, CB2 1NL
United Kingdom

Oxford, United Kingdom

17 Beaumont Street
Oxford, OX1 2NA
United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Partnership House,
Carlisle Place, 2nd Floor
London SW1P 1BX
United Kingdom

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA

Washington D.C.

1300 N 17th
Street Suite 530
Arlington, VA 22209

Broomfield, Colorado, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube 3F
Global Business Hub Tokyo 1-9-2
Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0004