Quantum-computing-hardened protection against advanced cyber threats

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Quantum Origin: A Solid Foundation for Cybersecurity

Quantum Origin provides the world’s only quantum-hardened encryption keys to protect data from advanced threats. It supports traditional algorithms, such as RSA and AES, as well as post-quantum cryptography algorithms currently being standardized by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).

Benefits of Quantum Origin

Quantum Origin helps you strengthen your existing cyber defenses and stay ahead of emerging advanced threats to critical data and systems, including the imminent quantum threat, by building quantum-computing-hardened resilience.

Future-proof data protection

Quantum Origin provides you with cryptographic keys that are resistant to the most advanced threats today and tomorrow.

Easy integration with existing systems

Quantum Origin integrates rapidly and easily with legacy and modern systems to provide a cryptographic uplift across all.

Supports crypto-agility

Quantum Origin supports all classical algorithms and the NIST PQC finalists giving you crypto-agility that supports your migration process to quantum-safe algorithms.

Industry standards conformant

Quantum Origin’s provides customers with quantum-enhanced cryptographic capabilities within industry-standard compliant boundaries.

PureVPN Case Study

PureVPN is a global virtual private network provider with customers in 78 countries. Concerned by cyber attacks and the threat to encryption posed by quantum computers, PureVPN wanted to to take the cyber protection of its 3 million internet service users to the next level.